Specializing in the supply & fabrication

of steel reinforcing bar and wire mesh.

Certifications & Standards

ACCUCUT is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and delivering the products that not only meet the expectations of our customer but also exceeds such. The integral part of our policy is the high quality control standards and direct cooperation with our suppliers and employees. We make sure that customers’ voice is heard not only by ACCUCUT but also by our suppliers.

As a part of our continues improvement process we are constantly working on improving our products, services and processes. We make sure that our ongoing hard work in eliminating and reducing the wastes in our daily operations ensures that we improve the efficiency of our work, the quality of our products, the working process and the service.

Since 1998 ACCUCUT has been registered under International Standard Organization quality standards. As of 2003 ACCUCUT has been ISO 9001:2008 registered. We strongly follow our quality principles and continuously improve our Quality Management System.